Cake Delivery Dublin

Are you looking for a cake delivery in Dublin? What could possibly be better than cake directly to your doorstep? Well we may know a guy who can sort you out…US. Yes we deliver cake in Dublin directly to you. How do we do this? Simple. You place an order with us online or over the phone, pay and then just sit back and wait for it to arrive.

cakes delivered dublin

Our cakes are renowned for the quality, looks and amazing taste. We can provide you with a massive range too, from tiered occasion cakes to cupcakes, brownies and cookies. We know what it takes to give you the very best and most amazing cakes around. Just how do we do this? Well we use only the very best ingredients around, Irish butter, spelt flour as well as Irish free range eggs. Perfect for making you the most amazing treats around.

We have a variety of occasion cakes for you to choose from. Our Classic cake is just that – the classic look you have come to know and love. Our signature swirl adorned with sprinkles or crushed rose petals to top it off. Perfect for everyone and every event from the casual get together all the way up to big birthdays and events.

it of elegance to your event? Our Fruit and Floral is the ideal candidate. We use fresh, seasonal flowers paired with some berries and fruit to give your cake that little extra beauty. It is a simple way of making something look elegant and delicate for any event.

If you want to go all out with something absolutely unique looking go for our Splatter cake with its retro theme and splashes of colour. Customise it to your hearts content with a wide range of colour combos to choose from. Add some flowers or even gold leaf to give it that perfect finish.

How do we get the cake delivered in Dublin? Well all we need is your Eircode, a time and a date to arrive at. Simple as. We then come at the chosen time and deliver something amazing to you.

How Do We Get The Cake Delivery to Dublin?

Getting the cake to you is the easy part. All you have to do is customise your cake to how you want it. You can add flowers, gold leaf, a custom banner etc. Once you have done this then all we need is for you to pick a delivery date and a time and finally just add your address. Adding your address correctly is vital so make sure to check, double check and check again. Once this is done, you can sit back and relax worry free, dreaming of your cake.

This is where we come in and take over. We will start making your cake, crafting it exactly what you wanted. We will add your flowers, gold leaf and banner giving you just what you wanted. Then, we will hand it over to our delivery drivers to take care of. They will take the cake and carefully transport it to you, delivering it to the address in Dublin.

And as if by magic you will have a cake at your doorstep and ready to eat.

When Should I Order?

We would recommend you give us at least 2 days notice for the delivery of a standard cake. Anything more substantial like a cake for an event like a christening would require 5 days notice. This will let us gather anything special we may need for your order so we can give you just what you want.

Here is a list of what we need to get your cake to you:

Full postal address with Eircode: If we are delivering to a venue or event space then please let us know as this can present certain issues for delivery.

Delivery contact name and phone number: This is vital. Getting the cake to the right person is a must. We have to have a contact name and number for each delivery we are going to make. Please ensure you will be there on the day of delivery as many locations will refuse delivery if the receiver is not there. We do not guarantee re-delivery if our attempted delivery fails.

Our Delivery Details

Where do we deliver to: We deliver to Meath, Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow

Delivery Times: We need a minimum of two days lead time for all orders. Delivery time will then be the 1 day, with all goods being baked the evening/night before, packaged and sent out the next morning. Please note, the chosen delivery time is not guaranteed but we will try our best to get there on time.

Delivery Address Information

Correct Address: It is up to you, the customer, to provide the correct address and delivery information. If you provided the wrong information and the products go undelivered then they can be re-delivered but the customer is liable for the costs.

Ability to Access Addresses: Deliveries will begin early in the day, around 8am and will continue until 6pm. It is up to you, the customer, to ensure you are there at the time for delivery. If the courier can not access the location then we can not guarantee delivery within the delivery window or even within the day. Any extra charges are the responsibility of the customer.